Fraccol Natural Polymer ‘FNHV Grades’ and ‘FFH Grades’ is a versatile ‘Agro Based NATURAL Polymer’ obtained from natural agro-sources. It is further processed specifically for the requirements of the Oil Drilling Industry. The natural polymer so processed is completely bio-degradable and is therefore very environmental friendly. The Fraccol natural polymer - FNHV and FFH Grades is processed to meet the specific requirements of the application for which it is intended. 

Fraccol natural polymer is soluble in Cold and Hot Water, hydrates rapidly and has strong hydrogen bonding properties. It is nonionic and maintains its stability over a comparatively wide range of pH. The hydration rate and the viscosity of the Fraccol natural polymer is dependent on a number of factors like the grade of the material used, pH, temperature, other salts, mixing equipment, etc.

Fraccol is used as a Viscofier, Thickener, Gelling Agent and Suspending Agent primarily besides other application
  in other operations.
It is a NATURAL, Fast Hydrating product and is Diesel slurriable.
Fraccol is ideally suited for all rheological requirements of water-based and brine-based drilling fluids.
Fast hydration rates and high viscosity makes it ideal for use as a drilling aids in oil well drilling, geological
  drilling and water drilling. It is used as viscosifiers to maintain drilling mud viscosities that enable drilling fluids
  to remove drill waste from deep holes.
It helps reduce friction in the holes, and so minimising power requirements. It also helps to minimise
  water loss should it occur in broken geological formations.
Fraccol Grades can be used as a fluid loss reducer.
Fraccol Grades have excellent cross linking capabilities, to produce high viscosity of fracturing fluids.
Fraccol Grades provides high viscosity with low concentrations. Reduced usage can help reduce formation
Cross linking high viscosity offers excellent proppant carrying capabilities.
The Cross linked Gels can be easily broken up with acids or enzymes.
Bio-gradable so environmentally friendly.
Dewatering wells require clear, natural degradable drilling fluids. Used at 1 to 2 lbs per barrel of water is an ideal fluid drilling medium. The pseudoplastic nature of the fluid provides many benefits to the driller. Lubricity under high shear reduces pump power required. High viscosity in the annulus easily suspends cuttings preventing accumulation around the bit and drill stem. Shear-thinning on the sand screen allows cuttings to easily separate from the fluid and keep the fluid clear.
Spilled drilling fluid quickly degrades under attack by soil and air-borne microorganisms. Fraccol natural polymer (FNHV Grade) left in the well or producing formation breaks down with addition of chlorine bleach or enzyme breaker.
The last 20 years have seen the growth of a sophisticated technology which uses nitrate salts, various organic and inorganic sensitizing ingredients, water, and a water-soluble crosslinkable thickener as a means of making what are called either slurry explosives or water gel.
Fraccol Natural Polymers and its derivatives are used in the formulation of such products. It has the ability to thicken eFFHiciently under a variety of diFFHicult conditions and to be readily crosslinked or gelled that makes them useful.
The construction industry has become a major field for use of natural polymers , the application of which is widespread and diverse. Natural polymers offer distinct advantages in performance and/or cost over synthetic polymers, Natural Polymers are also more acceptable as they are environmentally more friendly.
Some of the uses are as follows:
PRB Construction : Used as a Biodegradable slurry to shore up excavation, which keeps the
      excavation open and eliminates the need for sheet piling or trench boxes.
Jet Grouting : For injection systems to the subsurface at high pressure a mixture of granular
      iron, Natural Polymers, air and water are used.
Concrete Admixtures : Natural Polymers increases the cohesiveness of fresh concrete, reducing its
      tendency to segregate and bleed.
Viscosity Modifiers : Natural Polymers are used to provide a wide range of flow properties.
Fraccol Natural Polymers and its derivatives are used as dye solution thickeners in textile printing applications. With increased solubility, it is useful in preventing the buildup on printing screens and aids in their removal by washing after printing.
The major use of Natural Polymers is as a wet-end additive. This means that it is added to the pulp suspension just before the sheet is formed. Fraccol Natural Polymer replaces or supplements the natural hemicelluloses in paper bonding.
Several Advantages are gained by the addition of Fraccol Natural Polymer to the pulp like better sheet formation, Increased Mullen burst strength, better fold strength, increased pick, better finish, less porosity, increased machine speed, etc.
In this industry, Fraccol Natural Polymers are used as flocculants to produce liquid-solids separations. These may be broadly classified as filtration, settling, or clarification of mineral slurries. Fraccol is also used in flotation to recover base metals. It also finds use as a depressant for talc or insoluble gangue mined along with the valuable minerals.
FNHV-51 Straight Natural Polymer
FNHV-55 Straight Natural Polymer
FNHV-61 Straight Natural Polymer
FNHV-65 High Viscosity
  Natural Polymer
FNHV-71 Fast Hydrating High Viscosity
  Natural Polymer
FNHV-75 Fast Hydrating High Viscosity
  Natural Polymer
FNHV-81 Fast Hydrating High Viscosity
  Natural Polymer
FNHV-85 Fast Hydrating High Viscosity
  Natural Polymer
FFH-12 Dispersible,
  Straight Natural Polymer
FFH-17 Dispersible, 
  Straight Natural Polymer
FFH-13   Dispersible, High Viscosity
  Natural Polymer